Go from frustrated and constantly yo-yo dieting to becoming your sexiest self by learning how to eat for weight loss!


Hey babe! I'm Lauren

In case we haven't met yet, I'm a Registered Dietitian, FUN sorority girl and an online weight loss coach with one mission... to help women become their most confident and sexiest version of themselves. I’m ready to help you lose weight, re-gain confidence and finally fit back into those clothes in your closet that are way too tight so you can stop stressing about how you look and instead be the best version of YOU!

Inside The Sorority Nutritionist Membership I will show you how to lose your first 10 pounds, finally start seeing results and do it without starving yourself and doing hours of cardio so you can finally improve your self esteem and feel amazing about how you look!


I have some bad news...

Many women go throughout their entire life "wishing" they looked different. You're smart, successful and have a wonderful job... but when you look in the mirror as you're getting ready you start to feel insecure and don't like what you see.

And let me guess...

This leads you to starting a new diet program only to find yourself binging on sugar and alcohol a week or so later at the exact same freaking weight.

The truth is, losing weight is hard. It takes hard work, and if you're not ready to put in that work this Membership isn't for you.

But the good news is that there is a way to lose weight you haven't been able to lose before when you follow my real, science-based strategies that are no-bullshit and have been proven to work over and over again in my career as a Registered Dietitian.

If you're ready to stop making excuses and put in the work...

I know exactly why you're not seeing results, babe. For many years I've worked exclusively with clients in my private practice, and they've seen amazing results.

I'm talking losing 25 pounds in 3 months after "no other plan has worked before" type of results!

Issue is, the investment in private coaching can feel expensive and extremely scary when you've failed so many programs before. Not to mention, there's only so many women I can work with at one time! I couldn't take everyone on, which broke my heart because I know how much you're struggling and frustrated.

That's why I created The Sorority Nutritionist Membership!

Because every woman deserves the opportunity to learn how to lose weight and become her most confident self! And now you can get unlimited access to my proven program and figure out how many calories you need for weight loss alongside the best weight loss recipes, workouts and members-only accountability and support in the community area.

And the best part? You get to work with me for a fraction of the investment on my private coaching program!

So... how does this work?

First, let me introduce to you my simple 3 step method I've taught hundreds of women over the past few years... over 1,000 pounds was lost from my clients just in 2020!



Get your calories in CHECK by figuring out how to eat less than what you burn for weight loss!



Eat the right portions of carbs, proteins and veggies at meals to boost your metabolism and prevent overeating.



Fit in your favorite FUN foods, so you actually stop overeating sweets and ditch the boring diets forever.


How the membership works...

Easy Nutrition Guidelines

Following my simple framework will take your diet and body from hot mess express to thriving! In this program you'll learn my proven method by going through simple video tutorials that will show you how to eat the right calories and portion sizes of foods for weight loss.

Simple Meal Plans

Meal plans are not a weight loss solution, but help you learn simple recipes to stay on track! Inside you'll find my favorite weight loss friendly meal plans and recipes to help you hit your calories. 

Toning Up Workouts

Your exercise doesn't matter if your diet is a hot mess express, but as you start losing weight you want to exercise smart to tone up and lose those last few pounds. These workouts will help you stick to a plan, challenge yourself and see the best results.

Real Support and Accountability

In the members-only private community, you'll get support from the other women in the program, Lauren and her team to ensure all your questions are personally reviewed.

Team TSN employs coaches that are Registered Dietitians and specialize in Lauren's weight loss method. They are inside the Community area 3 days per week to provide even MORE support to you babes with setting your calories and adjusting them if you plateau or want to see more progress!

Live Q&A Videos

Lauren will go live two times per month to answer your burning questions to keep you going so you’re seeing results for the long haul.

Lauren’s Top Picks

Each month Lauren will share her exclusive top picks when it comes to what you should be buying at the grocery store and her favorite low calorie products for weight loss!



Who’s The Sorority Nutritionist?


Lauren Hubert MS, RD is the Registered Dietitian and weight loss expert behind The Sorority Nutritionist, a brand that has taught hundreds of women around the world to lose weight while having fun.

Lauren is ready to help you because she was you. Determined to lose the 20 pounds she gained freshman year at Florida State University, Lauren began over-exercising and restricting her food to 1000 calories because of what she found on the internet.

When Lauren finally began studying nutrition, she realized her approach to dieting was all wrong and actually miserable! Lauren now has taken her own struggles and made it her passion to inspire and show you how to transform your body, get real results and actually have FUN doing it.


With her proven method, you’ll finally be able to understand how many calories you need for weight loss and create the body of your dreams without fad dieting.

Ready to get started, babe?

Take a look inside The Sorority Nutritionist  Membership!


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